Friday, July 24, 2009

It Has Begun!

Okay, at long last is up and running. We’ve got dozens of designs in several styles that you can download for FREE. It is so easy to have a custom looking blog. We have illustrated directions with each design too, so you can get a new look right away.
I’ll just give you a quick look at some of the designs from our current categories. Most of our backgrounds have matching headers in the Header Gallery and the majority are available in 2 and 3 column. :)

The background we are using for this blog is called Humming Bird Nights (Don’t you just love these colors?)
It can be found in our Elegant Gallery.

More examples from this category:
Writer's Block

Red Blossom

Tuscan Vines

There are currently 12 designs in this gallery. Check them all out.

We also have lots of Cute and Fun backgrounds:
For example:
Message Board


Ribbons and Clutter

Fancy Bows and Scrolls

There are a total of 13 designs in this gallery.

Slick and Modern is our final category…and I must admit, we only have 4 designs in the gallery at the moment. But fear not, we will soon be adding more.
At the moment:
Neol Lights

Chrome Bubbles

Green Wave

I hope you find a design to fit your style. Follow this blog to get updates on new designs. We add them regularly.
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. You're off to a wonderful start, your backgrounds are truly adorable! What a talented group of siblings you are, keep up the great work! :)